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Audio Tips for Using Zoom with Power Music NOW

Below are some tips for using Zoom to teach while using our Virtual Class Music in the Power Music NOW app.

If you are using Zoom from a laptop/computer, and the music is on your computer, please follow these tips**:
-Open up iTunes and select the playlist you will be using for your virtual class
-Open up Zoom and select "Share Screen" > Advanced Settings > Computer Sound Only (make sure this is checked) this will allow your participants to hear the music you are playing
-We recommend to limit participants since that takes up a lot of bandwidth and will potentially degrade your broadcast

**NOTE: The app is not available for a computer. These instructions above are if the music is downloaded to your computer. 


if you are using Zoom from a laptop/computer, and the music is on your phone please follow
these tips:

-Plug your phone into the headphone port of your laptop/desktop and set the mic audio source to the headphone port on the zoom app.

-To plug your audio device (phone) to your computer to stream your music you will need an an audio cable extension.

-If you are using a mixer, Block Rocker, or an iRig HD 2 or plan on purchasing one to plug your music device and wireless mic, we recommend getting this


-Select “Share screen”

-Select “iPhone/iPad via airplay”

-Check “Share computer sound”

-Check “Optimize screen share for video clip” on the device you’re playing the music from

-Swipe down and select “Screen Mirroring”

-Click share and find your “Zoom”

-Play your music from your phone POWER MUSIC NOW app

-When your participants join the zoom meeting tap the window you are on to be the “Main Screen”

APPLY THESE AUDIO SETTINGS ON YOUR ZOOM for optimal sound quality without a mic or external speaker

-Select “Audio Setting"

-Test Speaker > Select “Built-in Output” (internal microphone from computer)

-Microphone >Volume > All the way up

-“Automatically adjust volume” de-select (uncheck)

-Click ADVANCED button

-"Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone (Checked)

-Audio Processing:

-Suppress Persistent Background Noise "Disable"

-Suppress Intermittent Background Noise "Disable"

-Echo cancellation "Auto"

This will get your best output for sound, but because so many people are using zoom, the music and video might be off depending on the number of people on the call, what time of day you're streaming, and your internet connection.