Do you license your music for fitness videos and other projects?

Yes, we have a large catalog of music available for license.

A music synchronization license is required to film/stream music in the background of video content. Here is more information about this type of license:
If you want to use music from our catalog that are covers of popular songs, you will need a sync license from both us and the publishers of each song. We only provide the sync license for the master recording itself. We do not assist in securing the licenses required from the publishers. Please be advised that this can be a very lengthy and time-consuming process not to mention very expensive. After you have secured the sync licenses from the publishers, you can come back to us and work with us for the rest of the licensing required.
If you would like to use music from our catalog that can currently be found in the "Virtual Class Music" we are promoting, you would not need to secure additional licensing outside of us directly. Right now, we are allowing Power Music NOW members to access this music license-free until December 31st, 2020. Here are additional terms and conditions you can read to learn more:
Should you want to secure a sync license for videos to be hosted on private websites, video-on-demand services, paid subscription services or monetized in any way, that would not be included in the above promotion and would require you to sign-up for a Royalty Free Fitness Music membership: