Can I put my playlists on repeat in the app?

Yes you can! This was a highly requested feature we have added to the Power Music NOW app.

Did you know that you can put PLAYLISTS in the app on repeat? 🔁😱

It’s true! You can! This was a frequently requested feature that we added just for you! ❤️

•When you login to the app, navigate to the MY MUSIC tab (bottom right tab)
•Then go to PLAYLISTS
•Select the playlist you want to use and download it.
•When the 3 dots appear, click them and choose “add to player”
•Once your music is loaded in the player, you will see a repeat 🔁 icon in the bottom right corner
•Tap it and when the icon turns RED that means your playlist is set to repeat!
•Tap it again to unhighlight the icon and your playlist will not repeat

This is great to set a playlist for an event, to run music in your welcome area or any time you don’t want to have to worry about the music stopping! 💥