How do I use the app?

Here is a detailed description of how to use the Power Music NOW app.

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Welcome to POWER MUSIC NOW, the one-stop solution to accessing the largest library of workout music in the world. Browse hundreds of pre-made Albums, thousands of Power Music tracks, create custom playlists, and hand-tailor the perfect mixes for any type of fitness class. Let's get started!


From the main navigation screen, explore the extensive Power Music library, view currently downloaded music, create custom ClickMixes, create custom Playlists, and add music into the POWER MUSIC NOW Player.

My Music:

The “My Music” tab displays all the music that is currently downloaded to your device and ready to be added to the Player. To launch an album in the POWER MUSIC NOW Player, tap the Menu Button (3 dots) beside the album title and select "Add to Player."

NOTE: To play a sample of a track in an album, click the album to expand and view enclosed tracks. To preview a track, simply tap it.

TIP: Remember, albums must first be downloaded to your device before you can use them with the Player. Use the Explore tab to navigate albums available for download to your device.


To explore all the pre-mixed Power Music albums available with your subscription, select “Explore” from the main navigation screen. Discover new music by navigating the available categories and sub-categories. To download a selection to the device, simply select the black download icon to the right of the desired album.

TIP: Use the Search option from the top menu to quickly search by album, song, or artist.

Create ClickMix:

Click “My Music”, then select “ClickMixes” at the top. Then select the “Create New ClickMix” button and name your new mix ClickMix. Browse for tracks using the “Add Tracks” button or search for specific tracks using the Categories, Subcategories or the Search tool. To add a track to a ClickMix, tap on the black "+" button to mark a song as selected, then tap the “Add Selected” button. From the Tracklist Area, you can adjust the BPM of any track, change the track order, add gaps, add album cover art, and finalize your ClickMix.

To add a gap between tracks, tap on the “Add Gaps" button at the top right of the screen. Then choose the length of the gap you would like and select the song you want to gap to play after.

Individual track BPM can be adjusted by tapping the BPM button next to each song title. To return to the default BPM for the Track, select "Revert.”

When you are done making changes to your ClickMix, tap the “Done” button in the top right. Then select “Yes” when the "Ready to finalize" message appears. Your mix will then be sent to our servers to be generated. Depending on the length of your mix, this process will take about 3 to 8 minutes to complete. Once generated, your mix will show in the “ClickMixes” section of My Music. Just tap the download icon to download the mix to your device, then you can tap the 3 dots to add it to the player.

Create Playlist:

The “Create New Playlist” button in My Music allows you to create custom playlists combining Power Music Albums, tracks from your personal device library, and a limited selection of tracks from ClickMix. Here, you can add or remove tracks, change the track order, adjust the BPM settings, and add gaps between tracks.

The “Create Playlist” screen functions similar to the Create ClickMix screen. Some key differences include the ability to use Library Music from your device, and that you will need to select where you would like to add tracks from as part of the process. Please refer to the “Create ClickMix” section above for more help on adding tracks from Power Music’s library.

For songs added from your device library, our system automatically analyzes the song’s tempo and sets it to the closest BPM. You will need to confirm the BPM and the SET BPM that you would like the track to play at. Use the red "Tap to the Beat" button and set the Default BPM for the Track by tapping along to the beat of the Track (tap the song title to hear the track). After several seconds of tapping along to the track, select the "Done" button, then select the “Confirm” button. The speed of the track can then be customized by tapping the new BPM button next to the song title.

Attention: Playlists are not Non-Stop Mixes like ClickMixes. They have a brief pause in between songs.

When you are done making changes to your mix tap “Done” at the top, then “Yes” when it displays “Ready to Finalize.” Our mixer’s system will determine if any of the tracks you selected need to be downloaded. Once all items are downloaded, you will be able to to tap the 3 dots to the right of the Mix name and add it to the Player.

NOTE: Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow the moving of tracks that were accessed from your iCloud or through Apple’s Music service into other programs. If you would like to add tracks from your iOS device’s library, please be sure that they are actually downloaded onto your device and not being accessed through your iCloud or Apple Music subscription.

TIP: Custom playlists and ClickMixes can easily be edited, renamed, and deleted, by using the menu button to the right of their title. You can even change the cover art!


Shift Tempo (slider or +/- buttons):

On the Player Screen you can instantly adjust the BPM of the selected track simply by moving the slider up or down to the desired level. The new BPM will be displayed within the your BPM readout. Alternatively, use the up and down buttons to micro adjust the tempo one BPM at a time.

Reset Button:

Use the “Reset” button to return to the default tempo of the selected track.

BPM Lock:

Automatically adjust the BPM for the entire playlist, conforming all tracks to a single BPM. For instance, if a playlist contains songs of varying BPM and the BPM lock is set to 156, then all songs will play at 156 regardless of the original BPM.

% Lock:

Automatically adjust the BPM using a percentage value, and automatically adjust the tempo up or down in relation to the percentage set by the user. For instance, if a playlist contains songs of varying BPM and the % Lock is set to +10, then each song in the playlist will be increased by 10% from its original BPM.

Keep Phone Unlocked:

When set to “On”, this feature prevents screen from turning off/going to sleep. Access this feature by clicking on the menu button in the top left of the screen and clicking the Settings menu.

NOTE: This feature will decrease battery life.

Do Not Disturb/Airplane Mode:

It is recommended that you set your device to “Do Not Disturb” and “Airplane Mode” while playing music in a class setting. This will avoid interruptions to the music playing such as reminders and incoming calls or text messages.