What's the difference between a "Mixable Track" and "Fade Track / Radio Version?"

"Mixable Track" means it is 32-count phrased and mixable with similar tracks designed to create a seamless, non-stop transition. A "Fade Track" is not 32-count phrased, is shorter, and usually copies of the version you hear on the radio.

"Mixable Track" means it is 32-count phrased and is mixable with other similar tracks to create a smooth, seamless, non-stop transition between tracks - much like a DJ would to. The beginning and end of songs are seamlessly beat-matched for a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

"Fade Track or Radio Version" means the tracks are not 32-count phrased. They are typically shorter and are usually exact copies of the version of a song you would hear on the radio. These tracks start without a long intro and simply fade out at the end or just end abruptly. These are ideal for classes that do not require a non-stop mix or are also great to put at the end of a mix as a cool down or ending track.

This is what a Mixable Track looks AND sounds like, going from one track to another.


And here is what a Fade / Radio Version track looks AND sounds like:


On the website, these are the icons you will see next to a track to help you identify which tracks are MIXABLE and which ones are FADE: 

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 8.38.30 AM


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