POWER MUSIC NOW™ Subscription Service, CDs, Digital Downloads, and ClickMix are PPL FREE and PPCA FREE.


Power Music is PPL Free and ProDub Free. POWER MUSIC NOW™, CDs, Digital Downloads, and ClickMix are PPL Free and ProDub Free - No License is required.

Power Music is licensed with PRS under the Fitness Music Services (FMS) License and we pay an extra fee to PRS on behalf of fitness instructors each time one of our music products is purchased. This means if a fitness instructor uses Power Music EXCLUSIVELY, no ProDub License is required AND all our music is PPL Free!!



The POWER MUSIC NOW™ Subscription service, digital downloads, and CDs offers the fitness industry in Australia the largest catalogue of music that’s 100% PPCA Free.

Under the new One Music Australia license scheme, any instructor or club that uses Power Music EXCLUSIVLY in their Group Fitness classes is eligible for a Partial Rights discount of 48.25% per class rate for each Fitness Class that does not use PPCA Sound Recordings.

In addition, when you subscribe to POWER MUSIC NOW™ or purchase a digital download from our website and access that music directly inside the POWER MUSIC NOW™ pitch control player app, you can avoid paying the $400 per year “Digital Copy/Delivery” fee. Note, if you purchase a digital download then put it in iTunes and then transfer that album to your mobile device or iPod, you will need to pay the $400 “Digital Copy/Delivery” fee. So make sure you either subscribe to POWER MUSIC NOW™ or purchase a digital download but access it directly inside the POWER MUSIC NOW™ app in the “Purchased Products” area in order to avoid paying the $400 per yer “Digital Copy/Delivery” fee. Instructions for accessing your digital albums directly inside our App in order to avoid the $400 “Digital Copy/Delivery fee” can be found in item #1 in this link: https://faq.powermusic.com/how-do-i-access-my-music   For the avoidance of doubt, if you follow instructions for #2 in this link you will be required to pay the $400 “Digital Copy/Delivery fee”.



A license authorizing the Public Performance of Musical Works and Compositions via APRA AMCOS or PRS for Music may still be required. Please consult with PRS for Music or ONE MUSIC AUSTRALIA for more information on requirements: