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Virtual Class Music Terms and Conditions

Please read thoroughly to understand how the Virtual Class Music we are offering can be used.

PLEASE NOTE:  The license we’re granting free of charge is for live streaming videos which may now be posted to an individual’s social media account for ongoing viewing. These videos which contain this music may not be used within any private websites, video-on -demand services, paid subscription services or posted on any monetized services such as ad-supported YouTube channels without securing additional license rights from Power Music.


If you want the ability to pre-record your videos, host them on an on-demand service, monetize them, etc. you would need to sign-up for a RoyaltyFreeFitnessMusic.com membership. 


Power Music Now app subscribers can now use this music with your live stream virtual classes on social media and Zoom with no additional licensing fees charged.

The music we're making available has all broadcast licensing rights cleared for online platforms including: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, Zoom and others.

UPDATE 01/19/21: 

Q: Can I use Power Music fitness remixes of popular songs in the background of my live streamed Zoom classes?

A: Power Music owns and controls its master recordings 100%. We allow our customers to use legally acquired music from us in the background of live stream only classes via the Zoom platform. This applies to LIVE STREAM ONLY. No recording and saving for on-demand distribution later is allowed. Keep in mind, live streaming is typically considered a public performance and may require a public performance license through Performing Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or Global Music Rights.

(Video Sync License Terms & Conditions):

  • Video Sync License for Streaming/Broadcast via Social Platforms including: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, Zoom.
  • Live Stream videos may be saved to individual social media pages for further viewing. For individual instructor/non-commercial distribution and use only. Not for commercial, business, or enterprise usage. Commercial, business or enterprise usage requires a separate license agreement. For more information contact us at licensing@powermusic.com
  • License Term: Active Power Music Now subscribers may post unlimited videos while actively subscribed. Upon cancellation of a subscription, no additional videos may be posted using this music. But videos posted may stay live on an ongoing basis. For single download album purchases from PowerMusic.com, unlimited videos maybe be posted until September 30, 2020. After this time, no additional videos containing this music may be posted.
  • Music Usage: Background Music during a Live Group Fitness Class
  • Only Mixes found in the “Virtual Class Music” or in the "Originals" section qualify.
  • Each video posted should include this credit: Music courtesy of Power Music (tag us @PowerMusic on applicable platforms)

Please be advised: While all of the music found in the "Virtual Class Music" section has been cleared for use in your live stream classes, we have no control over the detection systems used by these platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) which are not always 100% accurate and your video may still be flagged or taken down.