Why is the app only playing part of the song then stopping?

It sounds like you're just playing the sample clips, not the full release!

This is probably the FAQ (frequently asked question) we get the most! 🎶

First time users to the app wonder “Why is the album only playing part of the song then stopping?” 🧐

The answer - those are the sample clips! 😁

When you select an album you want to play, the track list is automatically expanded for you. If you tap on an individual track you will see/hear it start to play.

But this is not the album! ❌

This is a sample of that specific song! ✅

If you want to load the full album, you need to tap the download icon to the right of the mix name. In 10 seconds or less the 3 dots will appear. Tap them and choose “Add to Player.”

Your full mix is now ready to play! 🙌🏼